Sunday, November 30, 2014

What does the fox say, or the bear, or raccoon, or.....

For the Fall / Winter Season I started to see these amazing animal hoods popping up everywhere. I saw patterns for knitted or crochet, bonnets, hoods, hats, cowls, each hood progressively more adorable than the last. I decided to create my own for my Etsy Shop:

Fox Hood Crochet in Lion Brand Homespun, so soft and warm

 And the Raccoon

Can be worn as Super Warm Hoods or Cowls

Then I started Bear Hoods...

Snow Bear

Teddy Bear

Just Love Them! and the Girls Modeling all Courtesy of MK Kids!

I am currently working on a Giraffe, if anyone would like to see a different wild thing just let me know...

I will be working on the patterns, to publish here at no charge

Hood / Cowls are Currently Available at:

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