Thursday, February 6, 2014

SEO - The Mystery

SEO - Search Engine Optimization, when setting up an Etsy Shop, Website or Blog these 3 letters haunt you. I have spent countless hours researching, experimenting and learning about SEO, with alot more left to figure out. 

What I have found works the best for me, my product and my Etsy shop is the following formula:
  • locate shops on Etsy that sell similar items
  • locate shops that sell similar items and have outstanding sales numbers
  • click on an item and 
    1. look at the description and verbage about the item
    2. look at all of the items tags
    3. look at the items Title and Description
    4. Focus primarily on the first 50 spaces because these are the most significant when being searched out 
Weekly I go through a page of my items and "tweek" the titles, descriptions, shop verbage and tags. I also check on my Etsy Stats to see which keywords are coming up frequently in searches. By changing verbage, avoiding constant repetition and switching item tags I can attract more traffic to my site. I understand that this is a somewhat simplistic approach to the "SEO" process, but it works for me and hopefully can help others who are not so savvy on the process. Let me know!

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