Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fruit Infused Waters - Delish, Natural and Beautiful

I have always kept a pitcher of vegetable infused water in my fridge, you know, the pitcher with the chunks of cucumber, zucchini, lemon and limes? I love the delicate flavor that the veggies infuse.

 Recently I have been seeing more and more of these beautiful, healthy and inspiring fruit waters, so delicious. What I do is dissolve a small amount of honey or agave into lukewarm water to dissolve, I use this as a base, then I add the fruits, berries, mint, vanilla bean in any combination that suits me.

This one I love, Slice fresh peaches, vanilla bean, honey and water, let infuse for several hours, or add a few slices of ginger for a Ginger Peach Infusion, perfect for a Tea Party Refresher, 
after work out pick me up, 
or just because!

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