Monday, December 9, 2013

Kids Fashion, Hats, Monograms - Perfect for Gifting - The Creativity Behind the Process

I started my line Maine Coon Crafts about a year or so ago. When I began I focused on Women's Accessories, Crochet, Art Fibers, mixed with Sculpted Clay Clasps and Twists. 

This moved into crochet items for kids, 

crochet items for kids with embellishment, 

crochet items for kids with Monograms, Eureka!

I love the combination and the creating behind the patterns, paint, fonts and fabric that I use on each piece. 

These hats are great because they are done in 100% cotton, grown in the U.S, I can also do them in acrylic or for an additional charge Organic Cotton, or the gorgeous, soft, squishy Cotton Bamboo. 

I have also published the pattern as a free DIY, here on my blog, Happy Creating!

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