Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Places, Ways and Promo Platforms for your Brand, Craft, Shop...

Every week I come across new sites, old sites, sites that are not really working well, some I try and some I pass on. At any rate some sites that I have found that work well, have a professional format and are user friendly are as follows;

Craftori - this is a curated site that showcases the work of artists, crafters and designers, as well as vintage items. You can sign up for free, they offer paid ad space on their front page as well as free space. They do check your submissions for quality and authenticity which ensures that you are on a site which promotes indie artists only. The site is appealing, well layed out and user friendly. Etsy has a team for this site that can provide you with specifics and site help.

Wanelo (Want, Need, Love ) - this is a great site if your target market is young teens to mid 20 something. Similar to Pinterest, you select items and create collections, you follow people and they follow you.  I like the platform because I do sell some items that are geared towards this dynamic. It is also helpful in keeping up with trends and what kids want. They offer a "pin" button so that you can collect items from the net as you surf.

Polyvore - This super slick site allows you to upload items and create fashion groupings, look books, collages and more. It appears to be primarily targeted towards the young junior market, and gives you infinite ability to make collages of your favs, wishlists, enter contests and publish your creations to facebook, tumblr, etc. Follow, be followed, and like collections and items, fun, but time consuming.

Pinterest - Now Pinterest offers business accounts that can be linked to your website. Once linked watch your follows go up and your exposure increase tenfold. I love this platform and cannot get enough of it. I frequently refer back to recipes, craft ideas and random pins that I have saved along the way.

Picsity - I am new to this, it appears to be very similar to Pinterest, you have collections and pin items of interest. You can also upload your own items. They offer a business account as well that can help get your brand out there. To date I have encountered some problems using their clipper on my toolbar, does not appear to work overly well. Mostly I upload my own items. I have a fairly steady flow of followers that increases weekly. Worth a look see, try it out, it's free!

Stumble - I love this site, can spend hours stumbling through fascinating sites that you would not normally come across in web surfing. It is very addictive however. On this site you can upload pages from your shop, blog, website, it's great, and has gotten me some nice traffic to Maine Coon Crafts Shop.

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