Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Scarf That Everyone Needs Now! Soft Little Puffs of Awesome

Tubular Mesh Yarn, Love it!

Traditional Use of Ruffle/Mesh Yarn

Courtesy of WEBS Yarn Shop Retrieved 9/20/2014

My Mom, who is a Well Known Fiber Artist here on Long Island came up with this design for a simple, yet very convenient scarf. She is always shopping, buying and researching different fibers and yarns that come out in the market, this particular yarn she picked up in a sale bin at Joanne's Craft Stores.

The yarn is spun in a tube of very fine net like stitches. You can put your arm right through the middle of it to expand it, and it expands to a really wide tube. By sewing two of these tubes together at the ends you can create a fantastic tube scarf that squishes down to the size of a handball that easily fits into a pocket, purse or carry bag. They are super warm and come in an incredible array of colors.

These little loops are also great as a turtleneck addition to sweaters, shirts and jackets. They are so versatile that they can easily be added to any outfit, for a pop of color and lots of warmth.

My Mom calls them Neck Nests and displays them appropriately at Shows perched on tree branches with little eggs in the middle of them.

I am currently selling these little whispy nests of warmth in my Etsy Shop:

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