Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pictures, Worth a Thousand Words, or More

Pictures are in my mind THE most important aspect of selling your product. Scanning through Etsy Shops I am immediately drawn to the beautifully photographed, staged or unique photos that some 
shops set as their hallmarks. 

This Shop: uses beautiful photography and staging to set their aesthetic, well worth the time it takes to set up and shoot

Great Lighting, color balance and background

Up close, details, background, perfectly balanced shot, just makes the bracelet "touchable"

And then shops where it is obvious that the shots were taken with a phone camera, on the floor, with no lighting or thought given, absolutely terrifying....

Once I decided that I was serious about setting up shop, I invested in a Canon EOS Rebel 3, added a Macro Lense for close-ups, never regretted a penny spent on this, it takes gorgeous pictures, 
is easy to use and lightweight.

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