Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Selling Success, Branding, Wrap it Up!

One of the things that I absolutely love about shopping on Etsy is when I get the package and it arrives in just over the top gorgeous wrapping, making even an ordinary order for parts super special. Wrapping and presentation is so important, it shows you care, and starts to establish "branding" for your Shop.

Your customer feels special when they receive their item beautifully wrapped, I know that I most certainly do. Your item looks special (we know it is), and it creates a "presence" for your line and your Shop. After all, if you are spending so much time developing, creating, photographing, advertising, the final arrival should be just as important.

Wrapping does not have to be expensive and it should represent your shop aesthetic. Check out Pinterest and Craft Sites for great ideas for packing and wrapping. I like to work with the banner in my shop, my logo and my design buzz to create my packaging. Like anything else, this too can be constantly evolving until you get that perfect combo.

Shipping a beautifully wrapped package is a must for selling success. A little time, investment and detail goes a long way and keeps em' coming back.

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