Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Best Baby Beanie Ever - DIY Holiday Gifts

Best Baby Beanie Pattern

Materials: I use Lily Sugar n' Cream Cotton for a Summer Beanie, or any soft Acrylic Yarn for the Fall and Winter, or a Cotton Bamboo that makes a super soft and stretchy hat.

Hook: H/8 - 5.00mm Hook 

Gauge: 12 sts x 10 Rows in hdc = 4" *I don't get too crazy with the gauge, I usually work by eye

Size: Newborn ( 14 - 15" or so )


Ch = Chain
Hdc = Half Double Crochet
Inc = 2 Stiches in 1 Stitch
Sc = Single Crochet
Sl St = Slip Stitch


*I do not join rounds, this hat is crochet in one continuous spiral making it super simple, You just need to count on your increase rounds to get the right size

Rnd 1: Ch 3, Make 8 hdc in 3rd ch from hook
Rnd 2: Hdc Inc in each stitch around, 16 stitches
Rnd 3: Hdc in next stitch, hdc inc in next stitch (1 hdc, 2 hdc) around 24 stitches
Rnd 4: Hdc in next 2 stitches, hdc inc in next stitch (1 hdc, 1 hdc, 2 hdc) around 32 stitches
Rnd 5: Hdc in next 3 stitches, hdc inc in next stitch (1 hdc, 1hdc, 1 hdc, 2 hdc) around 40 stitches
Rnd 6 - 16: Hdc in each stitch around until hat measures 7" from top
Finishing Edge: Single Crochet  once around, slip stitch in next 2 stitches to finish off, work in ends

To Make this hat larger I just add more increasing rows, being sure to increase evenly. I use this as my basic beanie pattern for my Maine Coon Crafts Line. To personalize I add Appliques to make a truly Unique Gift.

Happy Crocheting!

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