Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kick Ass White Sangria

Yesterday I awoke to 82 degrees, beautiful sunny spring/summer day. The day prior was 50 degrees, big gap in a 24 hour period. Anywho, sun shining, blue sky, time for a light, refreshing fruity and delicious libation to keep the mood rolling along.  Headed off to the store to get the ingredients:

From the liquor Store:

1 Gallon Chablis
Apricot Brandy
Blackberry Brandy
Peach Schnapps
Triple Sec

Grocery Store:


Orange Juice

Now to mix this deliciousness, I use a 1 Gallon Tuperware Pitcher and then pour into a decorative glass pitcher as needed.

- Slice the fruits that you like, about 3 cups of fruit per gallon of Sangria
- Cover the fruits with 1 Cup of Brandy and let sit for an hour or so
- Add 1/2 cups of each Peach, Blackberry and Apricot Brandies
- Add 1 cup of Triple Sec
- Pour in White Wine just about to the top, leave about 4 inches
- Top off with Orange Juice

I chill this for several hours and serve over ice with a fruit garnish. This is great for parties, and makes a beautiful and delicious addition to any meal or gathering. Red wine can be used in place of White, it's a personal preference, both are equally delish.

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